If you’re in any form business, then most likely you qualify for SAVE ON ENERGY cash rebates related to energy saving measures in lighting (interior and exterior), HVAC, compressed air, motors and VFD applications in machinery.

SAVE ON ENERGY is a provincially funded program in partnership with your local electricity provider.  The program is designed to assist and encourage business to adopt modern and more energy efficient technology.  The financial incentives offered go a long way to offsetting improvement costs and reducing payback time of the investment.  The daily energy savings improve cash flow and give you options to manage more effectively.

The incentives available through the SAVE ON ENERGY program do more than save energy costs but also contribute to:

  • Improved workplace health and safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced re-work
  • Enhanced product display or ambiance
  • Improved building and grounds security
  • Reduced maintenance costs with fewer interruptions
  • Visit the SAVE ON ENERGY website for more details.


Contact us to arrange a no charge site visit to advise you on the rebates you can expect and the savings you can use any way you choose.