Lighting & Energy Solutions

for Businesses

Lighting Plus Wholesale offers energy saving solutions to businesses of all types.  With energy costs rising regularly, maintaining a budget becomes increasingly difficult.  This is where we can help.  Our expertise and access to new technologies can help you assess and reduce your energy costs regardless of the size or purpose of your facility. For example replace your existing fluorescent and HID with superior LED technology.

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Customer Specific

Every project is evaluated before product recommendations are made. We feel this method ensures that you, as a customer, can take advantage of products and solutions that are perfectly suited to your situation and needs.

Broad Purchasing

Since we work with a large variety of vendors, we have access to a multitude of products. This wide range of product allows us to provide solutions to match most applications and budgets.

Dedicated Reps

You will work with one Customer Service Representative throughout your entire transaction. By dedicating a Representative to you, a relationship develops that ensures your needs are understood and addressed.


Lighting Plus Wholesale is staffed with people who know how to help you manage your energy costs. We have a Certified Energy Manager and Master Electrician on staff. All our staff is fully trained on how our products work and how they can benefit you.

Expert Advice For Long-Term Savings

Cost-Effective Solutions with Easy Implementation


Lighting Plus Wholesale will work with the SaveOnEnergy rebate program on your behalf to ensure that you receive any and all incentives that may be available to you.


We have an extensive network of suppliers which gives us access to a wide variety of products and technology. With this network, we are confident we can find a solution suited to your exact needs.


Flexibility is another of our strong points. Our services include: onsite audits to determine your needs, submission of paperwork for any and all rebate programs available, sourcing product and arranging installation. We can do any combination of these services, it all depends on what you are comfortable with.