Lighting Plus Wholesale understands that there are certain established benchmarks to which all healthcare related facilities have to be maintained.  These environments require lighting that is stimulating in some areas but calming or soothing in others.

A medical practitioner, no matter what their specialty, requires the proper lighting during all facets of their profession.  The right lighting contributes to the performance of duties, well being of staff and patients alike.  It must also take into consideration energy effectiveness in energy use and maintenance cost reduction.

Lighting Plus Wholesale has audited many medical offices, clinics, veterinary hospitals, retirement homes and long-term care facilities.  We are able to provide insight and suggestions on how take advantage of new lighting discoveries as well as the benefits of retrofitting outdated lighting solutions.

There are ways in which to cut your energy bills significantly.  We can help you take advantage of energy saving programs, make changes to the way that your lighting is controlled and ensure the correct light is used for each application.

Clearly, an important goal for Lighting Plus Wholesale is to fulfill the needs for proper light and provide a high-quality lit environment.  We consider the following:

Lighting in healthcare settings

  • Adequacy of lighting levels in staff work areas.
  • Lighting levels for complex visual tasks.
  • The overall effect of the lighting on patients and staff.

Healthcare environments are ever changing and good color rendering with bright visual standards are desirable.  At Lighting Plus Wholesale, we strive to provide the most energy-efficient, cost effective option that is available to you today.  If you would like to know more please feel free to contact one of our business professionals.