Lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to improve the office environment.  The challenge is that office lighting must work cohesively and effectively to illuminate the different types of spaces that need to coexist: the reception area, open office space and private offices of varying sizes, etc.

We carefully evaluate the lighting solution by taking into consideration the following; what energy codes we need to follow, efficiency of the existing lighting system, as well as the need to incorporate flexibility into the proposed solution.  These questions allow for easy adjustment as your company grows and lighting requirements change.

Lighting Plus Wholesale offers to our customers the finest in lighting manufacturers and our engineering expertise.  We strive to reinforce your corporate image while maintaining our high standards.

Lighting Plus Wholesale can:

  • Create a lighting plan that allows each employee to perform their tasks in comfort and safety.
  • Allow comfortable transitions from space to space.
  • Design a lighting plan for long-term employee comfort, with a proper balance of energy savings and lighting quality.
  • Integrate and control daylight to improve employee morale and cut energy costs.

The primary function of lighting in the office space is to support work.  It affects how employees, clients and customers view the company and must be combined with worker health and productivity.