Each client has a unique set of lighting and energy needs.  We work together to assess your specific needs, make recommendations that are cost-effective, and help implement the process from beginning to completion.  We can provide any of the following services:

  • Perform a lighting/energy audit at your facility
  • Submit a proposal with all costs associated and a return on investment
  • Source and purchase recommended products from a large variety of suppliers
  • Arrange for installation of your products
  • Implement energy saving procedures and technology
  • Draft and finalize all government and rebate paperwork
  • Apply and follow up on any and all applicable rebates
  • Recycle all old lighting and provide disposal receipt

Benefits of a lighting upgrade are clear — energy is money!

With new technologies for lighting developing more and more rapidly, keeping on top of the options for efficient lighting applications is a challenge.  Lighting Plus Wholesale, has over the last 10 years, provided to our customers the latest in Lighting advancements while ensuring the right light for the right application.

There are great reasons to upgrade your lighting, including:

  • Safety improvements in well-lit environments
  • Employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduced error rates as lighting quality is improved
  • Energy savings

Things to consider;

LED Lighting (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source.  They are now being used in applications as diverse as aviation lighting, automotive lighting, billboards, traffic signals, offices and homes, commercial/industrial and roadway lighting.  They offer significant reductions in energy use, with a much extended lifetime.

For now, companies are opting to use them in office settings and locations where a screw-in LED can replace an incandescent bulb.  LED for high bay applications are accelerating past all other light sources leaving HID and T8 technology behind.

With the Ontario Save on Energy incentives available, investing in an upgrade can yield an attractive payback.  It’s not worth waiting for the old bulbs to wear out.  We can tailor a lighting upgrade for your facility whether it be commercial, industrial or healthcare. Call to speak with a Business Energy Advisor today.